Bible & Culture 2018

1-15 July 2018 - Woltersdorf, Berlin

Things are changing

In 2018 we are reducing Bible and Culture from 4 weeks to 2 weeks.

The hope is that by doing this more of you who have limited vacation time each year will be able to attend. It is a unique training opportunity for Christian graduates, students and volunteers to learn better how exactly Jesus reigns as 'Lord of All' from Monday through Saturday as well as on Sunday mornings.

We will completely redesign the course to weave a line between our understanding of the Bible and our engagement in contemporary culture, looking at:

  • worldview (in the Bible and in the world); 
  • the 'Zeitgeist' spirit of our age;
  • considering a Christian engagement with politics, environment, work and media;
  • and learning about the character of The Lord God in whom we put our trust.

The aim is for each of us to grow in confidence in God and to learn a little more about the ways we can serve Him and bring glory to Him in every areas of our lives and every sector of society.

As always this will all take place in an amazing multi-national Christian community in the beautiful lakeside house in Woltersdorf on the outskirts of Berlin.

The cost this year will be  €500 with a €50 discount for registrations completed before  31 January 2018.

As always we will fund raise to subsidise the real cost of the programme and also to enable those  participants to come  for whom this course fee is prohibitive. If you would like to be part of B&C 2018 but cannot afford it please get in touch.

To register your interest please fill in the form on this link.

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