Living Signposts                    

In his first letter Peter connects 2 brilliant ideas which he addresses to all Christians at all times in every circumstance. 

First he says that we are to live such good lives among non-believers that they will look at what we do and will glorify God because of it (1 Peter 2v12).

Second he says that all of us should always be ready to give a reason for the hope that we have, and that we should do this with gentleness and fear (1 Peter 3v15).

The expectation is that everything we do and every attitude we display has the capacity to make those who don't yet know anything about Jesus to glorify Him because of us!

The second expectation is that all of us will sooner or later have the opportunity to gently explain our faith to those around us (albeit with a little fear of the Lord in our hearts as we do so).

Our lives should be like a signpost - with clear words pointing those around us (especially at work) towards Jesus, and with lives that actively support anything we say.

Ambassadors for Christ

In 2 Corinthians 5 Paul describes himself as an Ambassador for Christ.

It's a great expression - an ambassador is a representative of one government to another, and Paul sees himself as a representative of God's kingdom to the 1st Century Roman Empire!

Any ambassador needs to know two things to be effective: first they need to know the message of the kingdom they represent; and second they need to understand and know how not to cause offence in the place where they live and work.

You might not be an apostle nor even an evangelist, but probably no the Christian understands the relationships and culture of your workplace as well as you do... and that makes you uniquely placed to be Christ's ambassador to those you work with!

Our vision is of a generation of young Christian adults who see themselves as those who represent the message and values of Christ's kingdom in their workplaces, professions and societies.