Christian Character for Working Life

Cross-Current City Groups are for a group of graduates with different professions but living in the same City or Country. We want to help you in these groups grow to see how following Jesus impacts who you are when you're at work. Together in the group we will:

  • Explore how and why following Jesus changes who we are at work;
  • Look at servant-hood, love, honesty, integrity, generosity and humility as dimensions of Christian living that both reflect the character of God and also alter our attitude towards work and colleagues;
  • Understand how the world expects us to view work and where this may be in conflict with Christian values;
  • Learn from each other how we can live distinctively in our workplaces without losing our jobs or compromising our faith;
  • Form relationships of mentoring, accountability and prayerful support for each other within the group. 

All of this will be in the context of understanding what it means for us to be Ambassadors for Christ - people whose message and ministry goes with us into every area of our lives as we seek to live and speak for Jesus in His world.

Like the Professional Groups we aim for 8-16 participants in each group and ask for a commitment from group members to meet 2 times each year for 3 years.

We have recently started groups in Cluj, Helsinki, Flanders and Kiev. It's not too late to join these groups (except Cluj which is full). We are also about to launch groups in Belfast, Novosibirsk and Minsk later this year. If you are interested in joining any of these groups please email us at: If you live in another City and would be interested in helping to start a City Group there then we'd also love to hear from you. 

Meetings planned for 2018 so far are as follows:

  • Kiev (meeting 2) - 23-26 February (with a 3rd meeting in September)
  • Cluj (meeting 2) - 11-13 May
  • Helsinki (meeting 2) - 23-26 March (with a 3rd meeting in October)
  • Belfast (first meeting) - May 2018, TBC
  • Novosibirsk (first meeting) - May 2018, TBC
  • Minsk (first meeting) - June 2018, TBC
  • Flanders (meeting 2) - September 2018, TBC

Below is a brief (10 mins) description of the programme by Tim Vickers - it's not brilliant but it's better than nothing : )