For most of us this will be a unique experience. A chance to spend 4 weeks living in a close-knit community of believers from all over the place! It is like a little foretaste of heaven. It is like growing a new family around us! 

So, we'll share rooms, we'll wash up dishes, we'll teach each other from the Bible, we'll pray together, we'll play and party together, we'll visit Berlin, we'll canoe on beautiful lakes, we'll swim. We'll have a load of fun. And we'll learn from each other along the way.

Sometimes we'll learn that what we thought was fundamental to our Christian experience is only cultural, sometimes we'll learn that who we think we are is not as sorted as we imagined, sometimes we'll learn to see the beauty of God's image reflected in the lives of those around us. Together we will grow shared memories which we hope will continue to encourage us in our walk with Jesus after the course is finished.

Within our community we will have tutor groups to help you integrate well and to help you build connections between the different ideas that are being taught and the practical reality of your lives back home. 

Within B&C as a whole all the team and teachers will be available to help you think through the impact of Christ's love and lordship in your life.