Digging Deep

During B&C we want to dig deep into the Bible - not to fill our heads with long words, but to grow to know more about the character and heart of our God - who is He, why did He make us, what is the purpose of life etc. In 2017 we will spend time looking at Genesis (just the opening chapters), Daniel, John's Gospel, 1 Peter and Revelation, we will learn about how these different types of Bible literature were written and how we can read them with wisdom, and we will learn what our God reveals about Himself through the Bible.

Thinking Big

Alongside our digging in the Bible we will do what John Stott used to call double listening... that is we listen to God speak through His word on one side, and we listen to the issues and needs of the world on the other side. And between these two we try to ask "How does God's word speak clearly to today's issues?" So we will start by truing to understand what the world believes about the meaning and nature of life and about the possibility of God. Then we will look in greater detail at how as Christians we can be involved in the world to the glory of God.

Articulating our Faith

Every week each B&C participant will teach a small group of their peers, and we will coach you to prepare your Bible talks. We think this is important for three reasons: first it is great for us to get practise teaching others in a safe place where we can benefit from friendly advice and help; second it helps us to really grow in our understanding of the Bible passages as we wrestle with the text in order to teach others; third it prepares us to serve others back home.