Cross-Current Politics - Group 2

This group is for those already actively involved in the political world somehow, whether working in party politics, the civil service, campaigning, NGOs, think tanks and academia or another field but with a strong conviction to change the world in the name of Jesus through political means.

The group is led by Julia Doxat Purser - the European Evangelical Alliance's socio-political representative & religious liberty coordinator, and Christel Ngnambi who spent 8 years as the Brussels Representative of the European Evangelical Alliance and Christel Ngnambi, with support from Victoria Brandemann. 

Our first Cross-Current Politics group was fantastic and we are now excited to be planning the second.Here's what some of the members of the first Cross-Current politics group had to say about it:

"This 3 year long journey has been deeply transformative for me.”

"Our group gave me a lot of answers, encouragement… and hope.”

"It was definitely a life-changing experience.”

"Thank you for teaching us how to think and disagree well, while being grounded in our amazing faith. It definitely influence the way I look at politics, the church in general, and many other things (which I guess was the goal).”

This new group will meet six times over the next three years, starting with the first meeting on 5-8 April 2018 in Woltersdorf, Germany. Do you wish to be part of it? If you are interested in joining the second politics group, please complete the Contact form.

To read more about the purpose of the group follow this link to an interview with Julia.