Science is the pursuit of understanding the material world; of measuring, analysing, interpreting and modelling. But what does it mean to be a scientist who works to understand the wonders of creation - and who also seeks the counsel of the Creator?

Increasingly scientific research is seen as the source of all truth and authority, yet most people have little understanding of what that research involves or how it affects them. Does the scientist have a responsibility to ensure their work is applied for the benefit of wider society? Should personal integrity influence research and day-to-day interactions with colleagues? Can the issue of “science vs faith” be answered honestly, thoroughly and graciously? How do we communicate the goodness of the gospel to the scientific community - and how do we help our churches to understand how science and scripture fit together?

The Cross-Current group for Science Researchers aims to equip brilliant young scientific minds from IFES movements in Europe and Eurasia for a lifetime of serving God in their workplaces. The existing group is in its second year of meetings and will complete in autumn 2018. The group is run by Dr Alexander Fink, who is supported by several senior Christian scientists from different fields. Together we hope to learn how to put the God of the Bible back in the centre of our understanding of science, so that we, as His followers understand better how to relate our passion for science with our love for Jesus.

The fifth and sixth Science Group meetings will take place as follows:

  • 4-6 May 2018, Minsk
  • 1-4 November 2018, Woltersdorf, Berlin

More details to follow soon.

Once the existing Science Group completes this year we hope to start a new one. If you are a committed follower of Jesus and work in scientific research, academia, industry or the public sector and would like to potentially join a future Professional Group please contact us to register your interest by emailing  or filling out the registration form here .