Hear what our participants have to say about Cross-Current


Aline says...

“Cross-Current is truly a blessing to me! The materials and topics discussed precisely address
today’s business world’s issues.”
Aline I Germany I Business Group


Maksim says...

“This weekend with the Law group was again mind-blowing and heart-shaping. It was amazing to see that God’s Word embraces all the areas of our being from professional ethics to the principles of social and economical fairness. Being there was a complete privilege for me and I’m very grateful for this unique ministry. I wish and pray that many more young professionals can take part in this group!”
Maksim I Russia I Law Group


Joe says...

“The three years of the Cross-Current program encouragedme - like no other teaching in the
church environment - to link my profession in business with my faith, to put Jesus’ gospel into
practice in my daily working life.”
Joe I Germany I Business & Management


Stefana says...

“It was amazing how specifically God spoke to me!! So many things clicked, not only at a rational intellectual level but also in my heart - a truly transformational experience! Thank you, I can see you have God’s favour and blessing on this ministry!”
Stefana I Romania I Business Group


Dima says...

“It was a great blessing for mein every way. It was my first time abroad. I met great people who
inspire me to go on. Cross-CurrentPolitics was, and is, a greatsupport to me in my calling!”

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Dymytro I Ukraine I Politics Group


Stefanie says...

"Transitioning from being a student to becoming an employee came with a set of challenges, some expected, others absolutely unpredictable. In turbulent times like these having brothers and sisters in Christ, who are in equal situations and are willing to offer helping guidance as well as fruitful discussions on how to follow our calling to be salt and light at work, where we spent a large amount of our time, is a true blessing. Graduate Impact has become/ is such a community for me, where the exchange with other young, Christian academics from all across Europe further expands my understanding of how we can face and tackle challenges at work in a Christ-honoring way - and in between the sessions and Bible study, we are just having loads of fun together."

Stefanie I Germany I Business Group