B&C 2017 will run from 2-30 July.

The course will take place in Woltersdorf on the outskirts of Berlin. There are only 25 places altogether for B&C and they will be allocated first come first served - so if you're interested please sign up early.

The Cost

B&C 2017 will cost €850 per person. This is four weeks and includes accommodation, food and tuition - although you will be asked to help with the washing up. 

We are offering a €75 discount for early applications. So if you know you want to come and you want to save yourself some cash please sign up before the end of January 2017


We recognise that there is no economic equality across the region of Europe and Eurasia - in some countries people earn €30,000 per year in others they earn €10,000 per year. It is really important to us that nobody should be left out of B&C because of their economic circumstances and so we will offer a limited number of scholarships to help those who could not otherwise afford to come.

What we ask though is that everyone who receives scholarship funding should agree with us beforehand what they are able to afford to pay towards the course, and if possible that they should support their application with a reference from their national IFES movement or someone else involved with our work at GraduateImpact.

Two Week Option

For some people in full time work you may not be able to take 4 weeks vacation in one go. If this applies to you we have an option for 2 or 3 people to come only for 2 weeks in 2017 provided you are committed to returning next year to complete the course. If you work for an IFES movement we would expect you to be able to commit to coming for the whole course.


All the courses will be taught in English and we will do our best to speak at a level and speed that can be understood. But if you struggle with English this is not the place to come for practise! You will just end up with a headache and will get left behind. If  you're worried about this email us and we can talk it through : )