Bible & Culture BERLIN

7-21 July 2019 - Woltersdorf (Near Berlin), Germany

Ready to have your Christian imagination enlarged? Keen to be captured by a better vision?

Willing to think through difficult questions and dialogue by group?

Wrestling with how the Bible applies to life in the 21st Century? Looking to read the Bible more faithfully and consistently in your walk with God? Hoping for a deeper understanding of Scripture? Bible and Culture 2019 will walk through Genesis, Daniel and 2 Corinthians to expose the Biblical fabric and foundation for life, relationships, work, and rest.

Can we trust the God of the Bible in the 21st Century? How can we read ancient Scripture and think with clarity and relevance about the issues that dominate our society? How can we respond with integrity in the world of work and politics? How can we as Christians live in a postmodern culture?

Interweaving a deeper understanding of the message of Scripture and the dominant cultural philosophies, that often unconsciously shape our lives, we will take time to consider these questions.

Hosted on the outskirts of Berlin, Germany – B&C is a chance to meet with like-minded Christians for a summer pause of study, fellowship, prayer, worship, and lake-side activities. Freizeit house in Woltersdorf, Brandenburg, is the location for the two weeks in July 2019.

Bible and Culture is for graduates, post-grad students, and staff of IFES movements across Europe and Eurasia. Participants are usually aged between 23 – 33 years old.

Over the course of the 2 weeks we will look at the following:

  • Breaking down the sacred/secular divide. Helping people to see that the workplace (inc. university) is of equal importance to God as our church activity. The emphasis will be on being salt and light and becoming more effective ambassadors for Christ in every aspect of our lives.

  • So what? If Jesus Christ is Lord of all...To understand that if we are proclaiming Christ as Lord then we have a responsibility to investigate what this looks like over every domain of life.

  • Build trust in the Lord. To develop our awareness of the character of God in order to understand his faithfulness and dependability in future circumstances.

  • Develop awareness of the way culture shapes our reaction to Jesus. Life philosophy; what does our world believe and how is that different to what be believe?

  • How to live well now in the shadow of eternity. One of the characteristics of our time is that people (including Christians) often appear to be living for an eternity of experience within a finite lifespan. Part of our worldview is to understand what impact the Christian hope of eternity makes to our priorities for life today, which is why we teach Revelation.


Week 1, Mon-Weds: The course team teach Biblical worldview and contemporary culture - looking for similarity and conflict to understand our role in the world.

Week 1, Thurs & Fri: Two options of culture modules run by expert teachers.

Week 2, Mon & Tues: Two options of culture modules run by expert teachers.

Week 2, Weds-Fri: On Wednesday and Thursday we teach right through one book of the Bible - usually Revelation. On Friday and Saturday morning we teach through 1 Peter and use this as a springboard for individual reflection.

In the evenings we will have a light programme of tutor groups, films and cafes. 

Cost and registration

The cost this year will be  €500.

As ever we will fundraise to subsidise the real cost of the programme and also to enable those  participants to come  for whom this course fee is prohibitive. If you would like to be part of B&C 2019 but cannot afford it please get in touch.

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