Over the past 5 years participants in the Cross-Current Economics group, under the supervision of Professor Donald Hay, have produced the following articles and Bible studies connecting between the Bible ad different aspects of the contemporary economic world. These articles and studies form a fantastic resource for your own reading or for use with a study group.

I recommend that you read the introductory article first as this explains clearly the methodology we have been taught by Donal to try to avoid drawing unhelpful conclusions from Bible texts which were always given in a specific time and place and circumstance.

These are a fantastic set of resources for thinking Christians in any field. Please make use of them and pass them on to others.

With thanks to Donald, Arttu, Peter, Andy, Rodica, Milan, Katya, Michael, Ben, Ranjeet and Mikayel - you are stars! 

Readers please use this hard work to help others grow in their understanding of how we can grow biblically rooted wisdom for today's economies.