Biblenomics 2018


What could the Bible possibly have to say to Economics and Finance?

Biblenomics offers a unique opportunity for economics students and/or young professionals working in economics and finance from all over Europe and Eurasia to learn how a Christian worldview should impact how we think, work and apply economics using a biblical framework. 

The conference will have two tracks: Economics and Government and Economics and Business. During the general sessions and workshops, participants will explore how economic ideas shape public policy and private businesses, focusing on the interplay between ideas and practice. Economic ideas cannot be taken for granted, nor ignored, because such ideas have real life consequences. We need to examine them according to a moral standard, and as Christians we are interested in discerning what the biblical view is on society, economics, justice, fairness, human interaction with one another and with the natural environment. The Bible is not an economics textbook, nor a business management handbook, but is certainly relevant to today’s economic issues. 

Spaces for this conference are limited so we will have a selection process. If you would like to apply to be part of Biblenomics please complete the registration form below. The cost is €100 and the deadline for applications is 7 September. However we advise early application. Possible scholarship funding available only by request.