Dethroning Mammon by Justin Welby

Review by Samuel Johns

How are we to understand the ways of the mammon? In dethroning mammon, Justin Welby gets to the crux of the argument. He frames mammon in an economy of scarcity - where exchange and equivalence rule - where we are driven to acquire and come to value those things which are most easily measured. An economy of grace, however, is represented in the manna story - a narrative centred on abundance, generosity, and gift.

As the publisher, writes; β€œIn Dethroning Mammon, Archbishop Justin challenges us to use Lent as a time of learning to trust in the abundance and grace of God.”

This is a fantastic book - an easy recommendation - and a worthy read for us all

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Neither Poverty nor Riches by Craig Blomberg

Review by Miriam Owen

One of the most difficult questions facing Christians today is that of the proper attitude toward possessions. In wealthy nations such as Britain and the USA, individuals accumulate much and yet are daily exposed to the plight of the poor, whether the homeless on their own city streets or starving children on their TV screens. What action should we take on behalf of the poor? What should we do with our own possessions?

Neither Poverty Nor Riches is one book that all should read who are concerned with issues of poverty and wealth.

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