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New for autumn 2019


Welcome to Cross-Current Brussels — join us!

Cross-Current, a training and mentoring programme for young Christian professionals based on 6 weekend gatherings and ongoing personal development, seeks to enable them to view their workplace as a key context for whole-life Christian witness and equip them to become more effective ‘ambassadors for Christ’ at work and in society as a whole.

The Cross-Current City Groups are in specific locations with graduates from mixed professions based on a curriculum which aims to nurture the growth of Christ-like character in the participants especially in their work context.

Brussels is the tenth city in Europe to organise a City Group!

Beginning: 29 November - 1 December 2019. The curriculum will be rolled out over the course of two years (therefore three weekend commitments per year). Each module for each of the 6 weekends is delivered through a combination of teaching ‘from the front,’ small group discussions and bible studies, videos, prayer time, personal reflection, peer mentoring and more. The programme will be taught in English; it is recommended for participants to have independent command of English (levels ‘B1’ and higher, i.e. not a beginner’s level).

For Weekend One we will meet in Kasteel Mariagaarde, a 12th century castle in the north-east of Belgium, which was redesigned in neo-classical Lower-Land style during the late Renaissance.

  • Location: Kasteel Mariagaarde, Kasteelstraat 10, B-3840 Hoepertingen

  • Dates: 29 November (19.30) - 1 December 2019 (16.00)

Theme: The Meaning of Work

Most people spend most of their waking life working. Should we not stop to consider its meaning in the grand scheme of things? Module 1 of the Cross-Current learning journey focusses on re-exploring and redeeming our view of work. We will learn why and how worldview and character formation are absolutely critical in redressing our attitude towards work, our personal development and the impact we have through our day-to-day jobs.

Among other things, this Module will cover:

  • Understanding worldview

  • Why do I go to work?

  • Understanding your workplace culture

  • Case studies

  • Practical mentoring groups

Interested? Join us quickly — spaces are limited!

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