Business & Management

Business - you either love it or hate it. Some see it as the great opportunity to make money and a successful life, others see it as something obsessed with greed and prone to corruption.

The big question for us as Christians is what on earth does business mean to God or God to business? How can we as Christians learn to make money well? How can we serve beneficial purpose to others and society in doing so? And how can we learn to manage people around us in a way which is both godly and effective.


The aim of Cross-Current Business & Management is to understand more about how we can develop Christian character in the context of our working lives, and how that will affect our approach to being followers of Jesus in the business world.

This group is led by Adrian Jackson who has 2 decades of experience in HR and currently works as a global HR director for a global company with a £40 billion revenue!

During our time together we will explore what the Bible has to teach us about the contemporary business world. We will learn from case studies, from role models and from our own experience. In particular we will cover the following areas:

Theology of Work - What does Jesus think of my work? How the Bible sees work and how we should view it ourselves.

Relationships at Work - How do I love my neighbour in a competitive environment?

Honesty and Integrity - why are honesty and justice important to God? How is truth viewed in my workplace? How can I develop a strategy for honesty that impacts my workplace? How can I act against corruption at work?

Money - what does the Bible really say? How can we use our creativity to make money well? What are the potential traps that lie along the way? How can we make money but resist the urge to let money rule?

Leadership - is there a valid biblical model of leadership that works in the business world? How can we see leadership as service of others in a world where only the strongest seem to survive?

Humility and Career - how do I know when ambition is good or when it's bad? How can I plan to develop my career, and where does God come into it? Is guidance relevant in career choices and if so how do I know? How do I cope with failure and what should I expect of success?





Meeting 6: 21-24 November 2019 at EC Begegnungs-und Bildungszentrum in Woltersdorf, (near Berlin) Germany. The cost of the meeting will be €135.

The existing Business & Management group will complete at the end of 2019. We expect to start a new group in 2020. If you would like to register your interest in joining a future Cross-Current group in Business & Management please email or complete the registration form.