The Cross-Current programme is a series of mentoring groups for young Christian professionals, each lasting three years (2 meetings per year), where they learn to apply biblical wisdom to the issues they face in their working lives. 

We want to help you connect your Christian worldview beliefs with your professional working life, wherever you are and whatever you do. We also want to help you grow in godly character so that you can become more effective Ambassadors for Christ in your workplaces, professions and societies.

“You cannot blame meat for going rotten, that’s just what meat does. But you can blame the salt for not being there.”

- Rev Dr John R W Stott

Cross-Current Professional Groups draw people across the continent who work in the same professional area to learn from the Bible, and from the example of older believers in their fields, what impact their faith makes on their profession. This
is often the only place for many of our members to meet older believers in their profession. We currently have groups running in Science, Environmental Science, Business, Law and Politics, Media, Culture and Medical Thought Leaders. Click on the links to the left of this page to find out more.

City Groups are comprised of graduates from different professions but a single geographical context. For these groups, we are developing a new purpose-designed curriculum to help them develop Christian character in their workplace
as they seek to live and work in a manner which reflects their Christian faith and which is often counter-cultural. There are City Groups popping up all over the place - find out where on our City Groups page. 

Read what current participants have to say about the programmes here.