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Cross-Current Workbook

Modules 1-3 of our purpose-made Cross-Current Curriculum is now available in a printed workbook.

Cross-Current is a three-year programme that aims to:

  • Nurture Christ-like character that authenticates our individual witness in the workplace;

  • Inspire intellectual engagement with the ethical dilemmas and big ideas of different professions as part of our active apologetics;

  • Develop skills for intelligent Bible study and application to our working lives.


Living as Signposts to Jesus

We see the workplace as the primary place for most of us to live and speak for Jesus among people who know nothing about him. the way we live and speak at work can constantly point those around us towards Jesus.


The Cross-Current Journey

Cross-Current is a mentoring program based on six weekend meetings spread over two or three years.

  • In each module we look at a different aspect of the nature of God in the Bible;

  • We ask what Christ-like character could look like in the context of our workplace;

  • We consider what in our work culture can prevent us from displaying Christ-like character;

  • And together we work out how to change who we are at work so that our behaviour is more consistent with our claims about the Lordship of Jesus.

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Sample from the Workbook

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