As human beings created in the image of God we have a mandate to take care of the Earth. We are to care for the Earth and have an impact on our societies that will lead us closer to living in harmony with our environment. As Christians and professionals in this field we need to learn about the environment, but also to learn how to have an influence that will change attitudes towards it. Christians should have an impact on environmental issues around the world. We will aim to help those who are deeply committed to a professional involvement in the environment to develop a more consistent biblical approach to their field.


This is a brand new (2018) Cross-Current Group for young Christian adults who are working in the field as young professionals in business, agencies, civil services, NGOs or as researchers in academia. The group will meet for 6 weekends over the next 3 years, and be led by Dr Martin Hodson and Rev Margot Hodson. Martin is Operations Director for the John Ray Initiative. He is a plant scientist and environmental biologist, and a former Principal Lecturer, and now Visiting Researcher at Oxford Brookes University. He is also Associate Member of the Institute of Human Sciences at the University of Oxford. Margot is a senior pastor in the Church of England in charge of 6 churches in rural England. She was previously Chaplain of Jesus College, Oxford. Margot is on the management boards of the John Ray Initiative, A Rocha UK and Grove Ethics. Martin and Margot have published many books and articles in the faith and environment area.

The Cross Currents Environmental Science group got off to a great start in April this year. In November we had a fantastic weekend in Woltersdorf near Berlin, where we looked at the whole Creation/evolution debate.

Our March 2019 meeting will be in Brussels, Belgium, when we will look at the whole area of environmental politics. In the future, we plan to look at the whole issue of hope. One of the big problems of being an environmental scientist is that we often spend our time looking at very depressing data on climate change, biodiversity loss, and many other areas. Where can Christian hope be found in the environmental crisis? Ideas for our last couple of meetings are still in the melting pot. So if you would like to join us on this new venture you will be very welcome, and maybe you might have some suggestions to add!  


This new group will meet six times over the next three years. We have already had the first two meetings, but there is still space and time if you want to join the group. To register your interest please fill out the form below:



The next group meeting (meeting 3) will be in ZavCentre, Fabrieksstraat 63, 1930 Zaventem Belgium from 7-10 March 2019.

Cost: €120 for conference, food and ACCOMMODATION 

  • The following meeting will be 21-24 November 2019 in Woltersdorf near Berlin, Germany.

  • After that it will be 12-15 March 2020 in Domaine des Courmettes
    Route de Courmettes, 06140 Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France.