Work - A Balancing Act

Wisdom for Work from the Word

Refresher on a Biblical view of work - Part 1 of 6

We're starting a new monthly email to help connect what we believe with what we do. What better place to start than a short series reminding ourselves what the Bible says about your work in God's plans!

Work is one of those things most of us find it extremely difficult to avoid. It dominates our lives at school, university, workplace or in the home. Sometimes it seems like we are rushing head first through a tunnel of emails, to-do’s, meetings - an endless list of things needing to be done right now. If we don’t find meaning in our work it can feel like we’re using the best minutes of the best days of the best years of our lives just to pay the bills.

It's easy to think of work as a ‘necessary evil’ or something we’d rather live without, but the Bible sees work as something given to us by the Lord from the dawn of creation. A gift which allows us to show something of our identity, to live with meaning and purpose, and to earn a living in the post Eden world.

I love that even in Genesis 2 there are two separate Hebrew words which translate as work. Two words with completely different meanings which together give us a deep understanding of the meaning our work has within God’s good creation.

The first word translated as work is Melaka in Genesis 2:2-3, the word referring back to God's work in Genesis 1. It is part of the nature of the Creator God to make things of beauty, and to derive pleasure from His work… so it is also part of the nature of those He creates in His image and likeness. Whenever you do something well and you feel the pleasure of using your gifts and skills at work, learn to reflect on the God who made you that way, and praise Him.

The second word, which comes in Genesis 2:5 and 15 is Avada is connected to responsibility and duty. More of this in the future, but for now it is good to start praying that the Lord opens your eyes to see the responsibility you have to Him and to others through your work. Ask Him to open your eyes to see more clearly who and what you influence in your daily work.

Many blessings in Jesus

Tim Vickers

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