Law & Justice

Law can be  a tricky subject. When we read the Old Testament law we may want to run away from it because it seems so heavy, so life-less and so far removed from our legal systems. But law exists for a reason - both in the early days of Israel, and also in the 21st century. It exists to protect the innocent, to set a standard for justice, and to give a basis for fairness in society. Law is good and law was God's idea long before it came into the hands of lawyers!

People ask ‘how can you possibly be a Christian and a lawyer?’ Lawyers tend to be thought of as cold, analytical, and perhaps greedy, devious and not to be trusted. How very different to God’s view of what they should be and how we see ourselves! He is deeply interested in the law and the legal profession. Reflected in biblical thinking, justice is part of God’s character and He provided a model of a legal system for His people, which when understood in context is illuminating. Of course, justice will ultimately only be done when Christ comes again, but we are called to pursue righteousness and justice in the current age and to live integrated lives where owning Jesus as Lord is a reality in our work.


In Cross-Current we want to give you a biblical framework for understanding the place of believers in the legal world, the role of law in society, the nature of justice and righteousness in God's sight. We would like to help you to live an integrated Christian life amidst the challenges and pressures that lawyers face, and to help you tackle some of the structural issues in the profession in your country as you daily seek to live as Christ's agent for justice and reconciliation in His world.

***Applications are now open for the next Law & Justice group, which will start in November 2019.***



The next meeting will be 21-24 November 2019 at EC Begegnungs-und Bildungszentrum in Woltersdorf, (near Berlin) Germany.


The Cross-Current Law group is run by Former High Court Judge in London and now International Arbitrator and Judge in the Singapore and Dubai International Courts, Sir Jeremy Cooke. To read an interview with Sir Jeremy please follow this link.