Medical thought leaders

We are forming a small learning community of 12-16 young Christian doctors from across Europe and Eurasia, led by Professor John Wyatt, to nurture as future thought leaders able to speak with biblical wisdom and insight into the world of medicine and our wider societies.

We are looking for people willing to invest time in developing the skills of ‘double listening’ - that is to listen to both the word of God and also the voice of our world to learn how to speak with greater clarity and Christian insight into the world.

We will look at the issues related to old bioethics - the destruction of human life (abortion, euthanasia, etc and how Christians have responded in the past and present to these threats). We will also look forwards to new bioethics - the making, shaping and faking of life (reproductive technology, genetic manipulation and artificial intelligence).

We will understand how medical ethics is one of the barometers of the value that society places on human life, and attempt to discern the wider philosophical ideas that lead to current trends in medicine. Simultaneously we will work together to see how a deeply considered biblical perspective can challenge these underlying presuppositions. 

Together we will:

  • Analyse the major ethical concerns currently present in medicine both globally and within our specific contexts.

  • ‘Listen’ to the voices of contemporary society - both within and outside of the medical community - in order to learn the direction of travel of our societies regarding the understanding of human life. 

  • Learn to ask questions that help us better perceive the underlying ideologies behind these voices.

  • Consider the implications on medical practise of these trends.

  • Develop biblically informed responses that will help us speak and write into our own contexts.

  • Learn to write review articles for publication in our different countries.

  • We will also look at the place of health and disease within the biblical narrative of creation and salvation

Alongside this we will spend time understanding the pressures faced as young doctors in our different cultural contexts, and learning how we can live, work and speak as Christ’s ambassadors in our workplaces.



This Cross-Current Group will meet for two weekends a year for three years, and members will be expected to support each other through peer mentoring between meetings. Whilst we appreciate that the future is not entirely predictable it is important for you to weigh your commitments and make this group a priority. It is not a one-off seminar but a small learning community in which the members will give support and encouragement to each other.

The group is run by led by John Wyatt, Professor of Ethics and Perinatology at University College London. John has worked as a consultant neonatologist at University College Hospital for more than 20 years but is now concentrating on teaching and research into ethical dilemmas raised by advances in technology.  He is Chair of the Medical Study Group of the Christian Medical Fellowship and a board member of Biocentre.  He is a member of the Ethics Committees of the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and has been frequently involved in professional and media debates on ethical issues concerning the beginning and end of life. John is also author of Matters of Life & Death: Human dilemmas in the light of the Christian Faith and Right to Die? Euthanasia, assisted suicide and end-of-life care.





Meeting 1: 6-9 June 2019 in Brussels at the Maison N.D. du Chant d-Oiseau. The cost of the weekend will be €135, including meals and accommodation.

Meeting 2: 21-24 November 2019 at EC Begegnungs-und Bildungszentrum in Woltersdorf, (near Berlin) Germany.

To apply to join this Cross-Current group please register below. If you have any questions please email