Our Mission

To nurture the emerging generation of young Christian influencers in their workplaces professions and societies across Europe and Eurasia. So that...

They can live and work and speak in a way which brings glory to God in every area of society and in every part of their lives.

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Every year thousands of young Christian adults move from University into work. Often they find themselves without immediate Christian friends around them, often they face moral and behavioural challenges as they learn to fit in with their workplace culture and professional expectations.

Our aim is to help them build a strong connection between who they are as followers of Jesus, and who they are at work, so they can:

  • Flourish as individuals seeing the integration between their faith and their work;

  • Flourish in Christian witness to those around them in their workplaces;

  • Flourish as adults who are able to shape the culture of their workplaces, professions and societies in a way which reflects their beliefs and which is beneficial for those around them.

Nurturing Character

Inspiring Intellect

Training Skills

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"Live such good lives among non-believers that they see your good works and glorify God... Always be ready to give a reason for the hope you have..."

1 Peter 2vs12 & 3vs15


Since 2003 we have been working specifically with young Christian adults as they transition from University into working life. For many the start of working life presents a whole range of new challenges, but it also presents great opportunities to keep on living and speaking for Jesus Christ in a new work context.

The people we work with are smart, educated people within a unique global network. They have both the opportunity and responsibility to bring profound Christian influence into their societies, and we want to help them do that.

Nurturing Character

At the heart of what we do is a belief that Christian - of Christ-like - character is vital if we are to flourish as Jesus' followers at work. Character is what helps us remain consistent in our behaviour and attitudes as we move from one context to another. It is what helps us to remain consistent with our Christian beliefs when we are at work surrounded by people who don't share our beliefs.

Nurturing character takes time, which is why we are committed to working with small groups over long periods of time.

Inspiring Intellect

If we say on Sunday morning at church that Jesus is Lord of all, then that has to mean something every day of the week in every area of our lives, otherwise we are just saying Jesus is Lord of Sundays, or Lord of my private life.

We want to develop together our understanding of what it means for Jesus to be Lord over the things we do from Monday to Friday, 8-10 hours a day, 48 weeks of the year for 40 years of our lives... we want to see how Jesus as Lord challenges and changes the way we go about our professional life and so we do this by learning to think more deeply about the structures, motivations and the intellectual framework behind what we do.

Training Skills

How we work is a vital part of our public witness to Jesus Christ, and sometimes we just need to learn great practical skills to help us become better at working.

Paul says in Titus 2vs9-10:

"Teach slaves to be subject to their masters in everything, not to talk back, not to steal but to show that they can be fully trusted, so that in everything they make the teaching of God our saviour attractive." 

It's not rocket science. Just do your job really well so that when people identify you as a Christian, the way you work supports the claims you make about the significance of Jesus in your life.