Four Weeks to Change your life...

Woltersdorf, Berlin 2-30 July 2017

Study the Bible in depth and grow to know the God of the Bible better.

Consider how the living God speaks to contemporary issues.

Practice explaining your faith to others.

Live in a multi-cultural Christian community.

Do the washing up!

Have too much fun....


The Bible is God's book - not just for ancient times but for today too. The trouble is sometimes it just seems too remote to be any use...

At B&C we want to learn how to think intelligently from God's word to see how He may speak and want us to live in today's society. We want to know how to step out of the church into the world living lives of integrity as followers of Jesus.

We do this by digging deep into the Bible with the help of some brilliant teachers, and along the way of course we learn more and more about the character of our God and Saviour. And alongside the word of God we also look at the world - it's what John Stott used to call double listening - reading the news with one eye and the Bible with the other and all the time trying to work out what earthly use we - as the people of God - are to Him and His creation.

B&C is a place to lay foundations that we hope and pray the Lord will use to build your life as His follower for the rest of your days.