IFES GraduateImpact - Recruiting New Staff

Our work is to equip the emerging generation of Christian young professionals across Europe and Eurasia to grow in their ability to impact and transform their workplaces, professions and societies with values consistent to their Christian faith, and so to keep a Christian voice and influence active in the public sphere. We do this by looking at the character of God in the Bible, and then by seeing how that character can shape our lives and words at work.

Rev Dr John Stott once described this as the most strategic work in the church in Europe.

The young people we work with are the future of a Christian presence in mainstream society across an entire continent. We have an outstanding opportunity to help them get a head-start as they begin their working lives. We work alongside the IFES national movements running two parallel training programmes for graduates: Cross-Current and Bible & Culture.



Is a series of mentoring groups aiming to nurture Christian character in the working lives of young Christian adults. Some are formed around specific professions (Professional Groups) others around distinct locations (City Groups).

Cross-Current uniquely allows younger Christian adults to learn from older believers in similar contexts, and from their peers, exactly at the time when they are learning how to integrate their Christian worldview into their working life.  We have run 7 groups since 2013 helping over 100 people which is a great start, but the potential number of people we could help is so much greater!

We have just received substantial investment in this ministry to help us multiply the scope and impact of the work over the next 3 years. We aim to run 8 new Professional Groups and 8 new City Groups - working for 3 years with around 250 young adults from any of 47 different countries. As we do this we will develop a training programme for leaders, and we will develop resources that to allow other people to run Cross-Current groups wherever they see a need.


Bible and Culture 

Is a residential training programme that we have run since 2007 for over 300 people. During 2018-19 we have exciting plans to significantly redesign B&C so that it better integrates with Cross-Current and with the work of the IFES national movements across Europe and Eurasia. We hope in due course to be running the new programme in several different languages.


Growing the Team 

Through this investment we have the opportunity to grow our Graduate Impact team to better deliver on these aims. We are looking for the following appointments to join our existing team:

1    Operations Manager - will be responsible for growing the ministry in operational terms: recruiting and supervising a small administrative team, project managing the development of Cross-Current resources and developing adequate systems for financial reporting and for team interactivity. Should have experience in recruitment and management, together with training in financial reporting and project management.

2    Cross-Current European Field Coordinator - will be the primary person responsible for the development of Cross-Current City groups within Europe. This will include teaching, training and facilitating group meetings, liaison with national IFES movements, and contribution to content development for Cross-Current resources. The person should have at least 5 years experience working for a non-Christian organisation, should be willing to be trained to teach others, and should have a natural ability to inspire and support others.

3    Cross-Current Development Manager - will work with the Professional Groups to help set their curricula, will contribute to the development of Cross-Current resources, will undertake some teaching, training and mentoring, will also work with the project director to develop sustainability for the ministry including fund raising, communications strategy and resource development. Should be entrepreneurial but able to work well in a team, and with an ability to work ideas through to their conclusion.


Each of these roles will suit people who are passionate about what we are trying to achieve, and who want the challenge of a lifetime, to build something that hasn’t been done before, which we trust will be used by God for His glory. You should be willing to learn new roles, excited to develop existing skills and ready to grow as a follower of Jesus.

All of these roles require membership of a scattered-team led by Tim Vickers (UK). You will need to possess an appreciation of cultural diversity, and will need a strong commitment to finding common purpose and supporting each other to achieve this work together.

You will need to be willing to travel (including weekends), and you must also be willing to join the team effort to attain financial sustainability for the work. We are looking for people willing to make a three year commitment to take Cross-Current to the next level of usefulness and impact.

If you would like more information about any of these roles please complete the 'interest' form below and we will email you a job description.


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