Many people regard science as the most important means to discover truth and solve all problems of humanity. While science plays a vital role in this and it can be great fun to unravel the mysteries of God's creation, it needs the right social and ethical framework, and to accept its proper place alongside other disciplines.

What responsibilities do scientists have to ensure their work is applied for the benefit of wider society?

How can personal integrity be lived out and impact research and day-to-day interactions with colleagues?

How can we answer the alleged conflict of "science versus faith" honestly, thoroughly and graciously?

In which ways can we communicate the goodness of the gospel to the scientific community - and how do we help our churches to understand how science and scripture fit together?


The Cross-Current group for Science aims to equip  young scientific minds for a lifetime of serving God in their workplaces. 

The existing group will finish its 3-year programme in November 2018. At the same time we will also be launching a second Science group. This new group is open to undergraduates nearing the end of their studies and hoping to find employment in the field; postgraduates and scientific researchers; and those already working in the industry. 

The group is run by Dr Alexander Fink, who has completed a PhD in biophysics, worked in industry and for the graduates' ministry of Studentenmission in Deutschland (SMD, IFES Germany), and is now leading the Institute for Science and Faith. He is supported by several senior Christian scientists from different fields. Together we hope to learn how to put the God of the Bible back in the centre of our understanding of science, so that we, as His followers, understand better how to relate our passion for science with our love for Jesus.

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The next Science Group meeting will take place from 1-4 November in Woltersdorf, Berlin. Our main speaker will be Jeremy Peckham who will speak about the future impact of Artificial Intelligence, the connected apologetic issues as well as being a Christian scientist in industry.
His Bio:
Jeremy Peckham has spent much of his career in the field of Artificial Intelligence, and latterly, as a businessman and entrepreneur.  He worked as a government scientist at the UK Royal Aircraft Establishment and later moved to Logica, an international software and systems integration company. He founded his first company in 1993 and launched a successful public offering on the London Stock Exchange in 1996. Jeremy is now a technology entrepreneur, having helped to establish several high-tech companies over the last 20 years, where he has served as founder and interim CEO, Chairman, or non-executive director. He set up and is Chairman of The Fraser Peckham Trust (a grant-giving foundation), Give a Kid a Life (a child sponsorship charity), and Africa Rural Trainers Trust (a Kenyan based Trust:  Jeremy has served in lay leadership as a deacon and also as an elder for many years at Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge, UK.  He is passionate about developing and mentoring the next generation of leaders.  Jeremy is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts and 1st class honours graduate in Applied Science.

Cost: €120 for conference, food and ACCOMMODATION