IFES Graduate Impact

Is part of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students within the regions of Europe and Eurasia. You can read more about the work of IFES with students around the world since 1947 on the website www.ifesworld.org

Since 2003 we have been working specifically with young Christian adults as they transition from University into working life. For many the start of working life presents a whole range of new challenges, but it also presents great opportunities to keep on living and speaking for Jesus Christ in a new work context.


Nurturing the next generation of Christian influencers in society...

The people we work with are smart, educated people within a unique global network. They have both the opportunity and responsibility to bring profound Christian influence into their societies, and we want to help them do that.

Our aim is to help them develop a strong connection between who they are as followers of Jesus, and what they do in their professional lives, in order that they can:

  • Flourish as individuals seeing the integration between their faith and their work;
  • Flourish in Christian witness to those around them in their workplaces;
  • Flourish as adults who are able to shape the culture of their workplaces, professions and societies in a way which reflects their beliefs and which is beneficial for those around them.
You cannot blame the meat for going rotten, that's just what meat does. But you can blame the salt for not being there.


We help these young adults by helping them develop:

  • Character which reflects the character of God in the Bible and which is lived out in their personal work context.
  • Intellect to see how the Bible can speak with clarity as a source of wisdom for contemporary issues.
  • Skills to work out how to be excellent employees whilst maintaining Christian integrity.