WHAT is biblenomics?

Biblenomics offers a unique opportunity for economics students and young professionals working in economics and finance from all over Europe and Eurasia to learn how a Christian worldview should impact how we think, work and apply economics using a biblical framework. 

Economic matters are central to human society: many of our social and political issues revolve around the way we use and share/distribute resources. Economists are "worldly philosophers” because economic ideas reach far beyond Economics as an academic field, influencing public policies and government and shaping businesses and individual behaviour. 

Can we think biblically about Economics? We believe we can and we should, that’s why we run Biblenomics.

How can we learn to discern what is the right business decision in a given situation or what should be our stand as Christians on a certain government policy, where there are no direct or specific answers in the bible? We hope that Biblenomics will help us become more discerning regarding what the biblical perspective is on economics, government and business.

Every human construct, every regime, culture, economic or political system in history has been flawed, regardless of its glories. Economic ideas cannot be taken for granted, nor ignored, because ideas have consequences. So ideas need to be examined in a critical way.

What difference does God make?

What does the bible say about society, economics, justice, fairness, human interaction with one another and with the natural environment?

Obviously, the bible is not an economics textbook, although it addresses economic issues. How can we learn to discern what the biblical perspective is in a given situation and what our stand should be on a certain economic policy, when there are no direct or specific answers in the bible? How can we learn to think biblically about economics and society?

The purpose of the Biblenomics conference is to give participants a biblical framework for thinking and relating to economic issues. As Christians, we believe that Christianity offers a worldview and a value system that promotes human flourishing by offering us a realistic perspective of reality.

We need to be aware that the illusion of the possibility to create "heaven on earth” through political or economic means has always been around, therefore every economic policy needs to be approached with the necessary care and pragmatism. The bible can guide our thinking and reflection on specific political choices. Yes, we are living in a world where there is corruption, there is sin, but there is also hope.

Christian graduates and professionals need to learn to think biblically on the challenges our society has to face, make their voice heard by bringing a Christian perspective and engage in shaping the future of our continent, participating in the debates and finding creative solutions to the problems we are confronted with. We need to learn how to engage publicly with discernment, with humility, but with confidence.

Because every time economists, politicians or academics have debates that shape culture or policy, every time decisions are made in the public arena, it affects our life and our neighbours’ lives, we should care enough to articulate a Christian view on economics. By not doing so, we are being absent. If we’re absent or indifferent, we cannot be salt and light and we fail to meet our calling as followers of Jesus.

We want to see Christians being salt and light by being present and having a meaningful influence in society.

Biblenomics is a context where we want to bring together Christian economists and people interested in economic issues to explore how we can articulate a Christian voice in economics, be it in the academic field or in the political debates surrounding economic policies.

The latest in our annual series of Biblenomics conferences took place in October 2018. We will be publishing some material from it shortly. Check back soon for details of the next conference.