Equipping graduates as Ambassadors for Christ in their workplaces, professions and societies.



Equipping graduates as Ambassadors for Christ in their workplaces, professions and societies.


IFES GraduateImpact

We want to help young Christian adults as they develop in their professional careers to learn what it means to live and speak for Jesus in the world after University.

We see Christians in the workplace as a key part of the body of Christ who have a unique opportunity to show Jesus' love and grace to colleagues who may know very little about Him. 

Our work is dedicated to helping you learn how to live and flourish in your world of work, whilst at the same time remaining distinctive as a follower of Jesus.

GraduateImpact is a project of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES).


What's The Big Idea?

What's The Big Idea?

Living Signposts                    

In his first letter Peter connects 2 brilliant ideas which he addresses to all Christians at all times in every circumstance. 

First he says that we are to live such good lives among non-believers that they will look at what we do and will glorify God because of it (1 Peter 2v12).

Second he says that all of us should always be ready to give a reason for the hope that we have, and that we should do this with gentleness and fear (1 Peter 3v15).

The expectation is that everything we do and every attitude we display has the capacity to make those who don't yet know anything about Jesus to glorify Him because of us!

The second expectation is that all of us will sooner or later have the opportunity to gently explain our faith to those around us (albeit with a little fear of the Lord in our hearts as we do so).

Our lives should be like a signpost - with clear words pointing those around us (especially at work) towards Jesus, and with lives that actively support anything we say.

Ambassadors for Christ

In 2 Corinthians 5 Paul describes himself as an Ambassador for Christ.

It's a great expression - an ambassador is a representative of one government to another, and Paul sees himself as a representative of God's kingdom to the 1st Century Roman Empire!

Any ambassador needs to know two things to be effective: first they need to know the message of the kingdom they represent; and second they need to understand and know how not to cause offence in the place where they live and work.

You might not be an apostle nor even an evangelist, but probably no the Christian understands the relationships and culture of your workplace as well as you do... and that makes you uniquely placed to be Christ's ambassador to those you work with!

Our vision is of a generation of young Christian adults who see themselves as those who represent the message and values of Christ's kingdom in their workplaces, professions and societies.




If we want to say on Sunday that Jesus is Lord of all, then that has to mean something all the way through from Monday to Friday as well.


Cross-Current Professional Groups

Professional Groups are a unique series of mentoring groups bringing together young Christian adults working in the same profession but scattered across the whole of Europe and Eurasia.

The aim is to learn together what difference following Jesus makes in our profession. Each group has an Inspirer - an older believer from the same profession who has already gone to all the effort of bringing together biblical wisdom and real life experience. By God's grace we are blessed to have such people who want to pass on their wisdom to you!

Each group meets twice a year for three years. Follow the link to find our what professions we're working with now.

Cross-Current City Groups                         

City Groups follow the same idea as the Professional Groups, small groups meting together twice a year for three years, supported by mentoring within the group.

Instead of focussing on a single profession these groups are for a single city or country, drawing together a group of young Christian adults working across a mix of professions.

The groups focus on a) understanding the character of our God and His view of humanity; b) seeing where our beliefs in God should inspire us to live and speak distinctively for Him; c) analysing and understanding the cultural expectations and norms of our own workplaces; d) setting an agenda for change supported by mentors and peers.

Bible & Culture

Since 2007 we have been running an annual training course Bible & Culture. The course is for young graduates, post-grad students and IFES staff.

The course takes place just on the edge of Berlin and runs for 4 weeks. In 2017 the dates are 2-30 July.

The course aims to help you with 4 things: growing to know our Lord God better by studying 5 books of the Bible; growing to understand how God's word speaks to issues in today's world; learning to express our faith from the Bible in short talks; and living in a multi-cultural Christian community.


In 2016 we are running our second Biblenomics conference.

The conference is for Christians involved in the world of economics - whether students or employees. We have tracks on Banking & Finance; Economic Policy; Economic research; Business Economics and Entrepreneurship.

The dates are 21-23 October and the conference takes place in Berlin.