Equipping Christians

As Salt and Light

In their workplace


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IFES Graduate Impact                   

Is part of the ministry of IFES in Europe and Eurasia with the clear vision to equip the emerging generation of young Christian adults to have a more profound influence on their workplaces, professions and societies.

We want to see more Christians better able to realise the impact that their faith in Jesus has on how they work and how they form relationships at work.

We believe that our world needs a clear Christian voice speaking of love, justice and service of others in the public sphere.

We are certain of the opportunity every Christian has to present the message of Jesus in every context of their lives.


The International Fellowship of Evangelical Students was  founded in 1947 when leaders from ten Christian student movements met at Harvard University in the United States. Their dream was to see a clear witness to the Lord Jesus established in every university in the world.

Now IFES is a network of national Christian student movements linked together across 160 nations around the world. To find out more please visit www.ifesworld.org

The primary focus of IFES activity is enabling Christian students to bring the good news of Jesus Christ into student communities.

The work of Graduate Impact is concerned with those same students as they leave University and enter the world of work.

The work with young graduates is one of the most strategic Christian ministries in Europe in the 21st Century.
— Rev Dr John R W Stott

Living Signposts

If everything we do is shaped by our belief in who God is and what He desires for us, then every area of our lives can be like living signposts, pointing others to God's reality.



salt and light

A little salt gives distinct flavouring. A lot of salt preserves from decay. A little light in the dark gives lost people a sense of hope.

Jesus describes his followers as salt and light. That means both that he sees his followers having a clearly distinct role to play in society, and also that he sees society in need of people who act against decay and bring hope.

That's us. In our workplaces, our professions, our families, our churches and our societies. We are salt and light. We have a purpose to live and speak in a way which is counter-cultural and reflects the love and mercy of God to those around us.

As someone once said - "You cannot blame meat for going rotten that's just what meat does... but you can blame the salt for not being there."

Living Signposts

 Every good signpost needs three things to make it effective:

  1. Clear words showing people the way to go;
  2. A good structure that makes the words visible;
  3. And a strong foundation to stop the wind blowing it back-to-front.

The Christian life is just like this... 

Anything we say about who Jesus is and what it means to be a Christian must be supported by lives consistent with what we're saying. to do otherwise would just leave us open to cries of hypocrisy.

If we claim to be followers of Jesus, then we must learn to live as followers of Jesus in every circumstance.

And for that we need to be certain of what we believe and why.




Growing Character

Paul describes us as being transformed from glory into glory through the work of the Holy Spirit to become more like Jesus.

Our expectation is for our character to always be growing, never to be standing still, as we become more and more the people God wants us to be.



born to make a difference

The way we live makes a difference.

The way we work makes a difference.

Imagine Jesus coming to your workplace. What impact would his character and words have on those you work with? How would he cope with stress, anxiety, pressure, gossip, dishonesty etc.

Imagine, when you go to work you do so as one being transformed by Jesus to be more and more like Him.

Imagine what a difference you could make as someone learning to display the character of Christ to the people where you work.

Every Christian has - by God's grace - the capacity to change the world little by little for the glory of God.



growing together

The great news is that we don't have to go it alone.

It's all very well hitting on new ideas about how to be distinctively Christian in our workplace, but normally when we go to work there are no other Christians with us, our courage fades and it is easy to compromise.

We love building communities of people spread across the continent who can love, care and pray for each other and offer each other the sort of support and accountability that can help us keep going when otherwise we might give up.

christian Character

 We think that the things we believe about who God is should change the way we think about ourselves.

If God is good and loving and honest and fair and caring and serving, then shouldn't the people who call themselves his followers be just the same. In every situation. At home, at church and at work.

Our work starts with understanding more about who the God of the Bible is, what He is like. 

Then we want to understand the character of the places where you work, to see what barriers you may encounter that stop you living with Christ-like character.

Then learning from each other how to live and speak and work in a way which is distinctive and reflects the character of God to those around us.