Equipping graduates to influence their workplace for God


Why Graduates

Why Graduates

"I believe a strong graduate movement will lay the foundation for a sustainable student ministry."

Graduates are both the Fruit and the Future of IFES. In the post University world the most significant place for daily interaction with non-believers is our workplaces, where we sit day by day alongside people who may never know another Christian as well as they know us.

Bible and Culture

Bible & Culture

Much of European civilisation is built upon a collection of writings from 2000 years ago, known as The Bible.

Can this book still offer valid advice and positive framework for the cultures of Europe today? What interpretive principles help us to understand its texts? What worldview does it communicate?



We are setting up a brand new mentoring scheme to help inspire an emerging generation of young Christian professionals and academics as they start their careers.

We want to pass wisdom on from some of the best thought through Christians in a whole range of different academic and professional spheres to the young graduates coming out of IFES movements.


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Slave New World?

First the bad news. Then some more bad news. And then some good news. The way we work today is corroding our culture and killing our relationships. This is ‘bad’ but if you’re in work it’s probably not news. The indicators have been going downhill for years. Work is not even working for the people at the top. They’re making money but, for many, at an awesome cost to themselves and their families. As one person put it: “I’m working this hard so I can spend lots of time with my grandchildren.” Which may be some consolation to him but may not be much comfort to his children.

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    Featured Articles

    Better Boasting

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    Salvation by Work

    How many Christians do you know who are workaholics? How many people do you speak to (myself included) who go on about how busy they are at work? How little time they have for anything else. How busy they are with their church activity. How tired they constantly seem to be these days. How stressed they are about this that or the other. And how many of these people tell you these things with a slight air of pious martyrdom or even pride? How often do you actually accept the accusation of being a workaholic with that slight feeling of “good at least someone’s noticed all the hours I’m putting in.”

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