Equipping graduates to influence their workplace for God


Why Graduates

Why Graduates

"I believe a strong graduate movement will lay the foundation for a sustainable student ministry."

Graduates are both the Fruit and the Future of IFES. In the post University world the most significant place for daily interaction with non-believers is our workplaces, where we sit day by day alongside people who may never know another Christian as well as they know us.

Bible and Culture

Bible & Culture

Much of European civilisation is built upon a collection of writings from 2000 years ago, known as The Bible.

Can this book still offer valid advice and positive framework for the cultures of Europe today? What interpretive principles help us to understand its texts? What worldview does it communicate?



We are setting up a brand new mentoring scheme to help inspire an emerging generation of young Christian professionals and academics as they start their careers.

We want to pass wisdom on from some of the best thought through Christians in a whole range of different academic and professional spheres to the young graduates coming out of IFES movements.


Featured Article

How I Learned to Canoe

“Can't you find out God's will for you life and stick to it?” After four degrees in a variety of disciplines, five different full-time jobs, and at least two career changes this is probably a valid question to ask me. Is it right that my constantly changing career path is an indication that I have found it difficult to know the will of God for my life? The answer is both yes and no

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    Featured Articles

    It's Never Too Late...to Stand up and be Counted!

    One of the things I hear most frequently, when I talk to older people about their faith and its place at work, is the lament: “Oh I wish I’d spoken up for what I believed earlier!” or “I wish I’d done more for Christ earlier in my life.” You will never hear an older Christian reflect on their life and say “I wish I’d done less for Jesus.” Anyway, now to Mordecai – one of the lesser known characters of the Old Testament, who appears in the book of Esther. Mordecai was not the sort of guy you’d instantly think of as hero material.

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    Life in the Pit

    One of the best examples of integrity in Scripture comes from the life of Daniel. In Daniel chapter 6 we read that Darius the Mede has taken over the rule of Babylon after the sudden death of Belshazzar and he decides to reorganise the rule of the Babylon by appointing three administrators to oversee the kingdom. He places Daniel in one of these positions and over time becomes so impressed by him that he plans to make Daniel the ruler over the entire kingdom.

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