Our Mission:

Christian graduates

bringing christ's influence and hope into every area of society

Our mission is to nurture an emerging generation of Christian young adults across Europe and Eurasia as effective Christian influencers as they transition from University into working life.


Our Context

Europe/Eurasia is the most rapidly changing cultural context in the world, with the most rapidly declining population of believing Christians.

Each year from the IFES student groups across our continent thousands of young adults make their way into working life. We see every one of them as a person with a unique opportunity to bring Christian hope and influence with them into their workplaces, professions and societies. 




In europe and eurasia

The most diverse range of languages and cultures in any single continent... from Iceland, through the Mediterranean and on through Central Asia to the far edges of Russia. 14 time-zones.



million people

Across our continent

Former communist. Former Christian. Eastern mysticism. Secular West. Orthodox. Catholic. Protestant. Atheist. Pagan. Materialist. Existentialist. Insecure. Confused.




million Bible believing Christians

two percent of the population

Half the two percent are in just 3 countries meaning that in the majority of our continent only one percent identify as Bible believing Christians.


Work is one of the main contexts where people can see what difference following Jesus makes to our lives. For some of us this is where being a Christian meets reality.



Our Programs

We work with young Christian adults as they move from University into their working life. Typically this means we are working with people age 22-30 - normally post-graduate students or young professionals.

We are always looking for people who want to grow as followers of Jesus, often they will be people moving out of an IFES student group, but we are also open to people who have had nothing to do with IFES whilst they were students.

Cross-current professional groups

Drawing people together across the continent into single profession groups, each meeting twice a year to learn from an older Christian in their field how following Jesus changes the way they approach their professional life.

bible and culture

A two week course to help young Christian adults (students and graduates) learn how to understand the world we live in, learn how scripture speaks to contemporary issues, and learn what it means for them to be living distinctly as 'salt and light' in their world. 

cross-current city groups

Peer mentoring groups based in a specific location for graduates of any profession. The groups meet twice a year for three years to learn together how we can live with Christ-like character in our personal work context.


In partnership with Langham Preaching this new initiative is to help students, staff and graduates of IFES movements who are gifted as Bible teachers to grow and develop in their skills. We see this as an opportunity to help nurture future Bible teachers within the Christian community across the continent.


Get Involved

Graduate Impact is a network of participants and leaders facilitated by a small team of staff. Because we work with small groups the work is intensive and takes real commitment and dedication. 

We do this work because we believe that by equipping and energising the next generation of Christian adults across our continent there is great hope for the future Christian witness in our lands.

If it grabs our imagination please get in touch and let us know how we can serve you or how you would like to be involved.


We need people to help in the following ways:

  • Cooking;
  • Conference Logistics;
  • Praying;
  • Mentoring;
  • Teaching & Training;
  • Sharing experience/testimony;
  • Translating;
  • You tell us what you would like to do!

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Make a Donation

All the work we do is supported by donations that cover our team salaries and all costs associated with running our programmes.

We rely on the goodness of our Heavenly Father and through Him on your generosity.

Please help us to help others.